It’s Magick!

Magick — the ability to shape outcomes according to will — is both a science and an art. Its allure lead to the development of magic in the most ancient human cultures, with magical practices persisting throughout the ages. The problem–and the reason for the triumph of “modern” scientific and industrial methods over the magical–is that, although the goal of magick is valid, the traditional means to get there are not. So, what if we can practice modern magick? What if we can bend outcomes at will and use this for the greater good? What if we can use all we’ve learned from our scientific disciplines to reinstate the magical and use this to drive a new era? Itsa Kinda Magick is dedicated to the pursuit of magick without potions, pentagrams and prancing; it’s dedicated to putting the magic back in work, school and life.

Occult imagery, rituals, and dancing around with supposed spiritual beings is not the way to practice real magick. If that’s your thing, it may be fun, but the end result will not be satisfying. Some of the consequences of these methods may lead to good results: taking a holistic view, effectively engaging and entertaining people in furthering a cause, stripping away the unnecessary, and having a clear strategy can all produce magical outcomes. There are however simpler, more effective, ways to do this in today’s society without the help of witches, warlocks and shaman.

Unfortunately the industrial-age, with its focus on factory production and Cartesian logic has stripped away a lot of the magic from life. Money is one of the new Gods, and much of its worship invokes Conformity, a second God who ensures input of consistent raw materials to give consistent products by allowing mortals to check requirements at every stage. He teaches that cause leads to effect and effects can be measured. He condenses complexity into binary choices (pass/fail, either/or, right/wrong, guilty/innocent, sick/well, etc.) to allow his minions (The Invaders, trapped in his systems) to check the right boxes. Whether in schools, corporations, or any community working to produce some form of results, systems are designed to ensure conformity and linearity at the expense of the service they are ostensibly providing. Creativity, Innovation and Diversity are the Sworn enemies of Conformity and their battles rage at all levels of society, through governments, religions, all the way down to our individual daily encounters.

It’s time to refocus and cut to the essence of what puts the magic back in life, allowing destiny to be shaped in ways that are fun and rewarding. Itsa Kinda Magick aims to emphasize how this can be done every day. And it’s not too late! As Jenny Lewis puts it:

“There’s a little bit of magic, everybody has it. There’s a little bit of sand left in the hourglass”