The Invaders are Among Us!

Alien beings from a dying planet, their destination: the Earth. Their purpose: to make it their world. We have seen them. It began one lost night on a lonely country road, looking for a shortcut that was never found. It began with a closed deserted diner and a man too long without sleep to continue his journey. It began with the landing of a craft from another galaxy. Now, we know that the Invaders are here, that they have taken human form. Somehow we must convince a disbelieving world that the nightmare has already begun!

They’re here, they’re everywhere and they are imposing alien law on our society. A law that places the alien cause over human needs, suppresses the human ability to think and fight back, and mesmerizes us into complacent non-resistance. Their mission? To prevent us evolving and becoming fully human, to stop self-development and reduce us to impotent consumers; scared, distracted and anesthetized.

You don’t believe it? Over the coming months their identities will be revealed, the extent of their invasion will finally be disclosed and the art of resistance passed on to surviving humankind through this site.

Unless of course they manage to silence me, but that is unlik

The Invaders: Subtitles for the Hard of Hearing

The ongoing invasion underscores the need for urgent action from all of us to prevent the subjugation of our race. Humans have been endowed with certain qualities that will allow evolution to beat each subsequent level of our MMORPG reality. The essential qualities needed to succeed in our current level of the game are the three C’s: Compassion, Curiosity and Creativity.

Compassion: fosters an understanding of the inescapable interconnectedness of our world. Genuinely caring for others, including supposed enemies, will eventually lead to breakthroughs in our society and its governance because of the complex feedback loops that connect us all. The zeitgeist of “problems in [insert country] are not our concern as long as we can buy more stuff/live in a bigger house/have a nicer car” is not sustainable (without constant war and conflict, as evidenced by human history).

Curiosity: questioning everything ruthlessly is the way to prevent us being trapped in systems that either no longer serve their original purpose or are serving the interests of a privileged minority at the expense of the broader community.

Creativity: our USP as a race, without which we cannot create solutions to the challenges ahead of us, known and unknown.

There is no conspiracy theory, there are no aliens or robot-overlords. Our fight is with the systems we have created that are becoming rapidly obsolescent and dangerous. The systems are imposed, maintained and reinforced by those that benefit most from them, those who value short-term profit over longer-term evolution. They are ubiquitous–financial, political, educational, corporate, governmental, religious–and all-powerful. These systems need to be redesigned and rebuilt to survive in a post-industrial age. To do this requires our collective mental models to shift, looking forward rather than back, realizing that we are being played like puppets within self-serving constructs.

What we have to fight for is transcendence into a new era. And, as Steve Earle said, we all avoid this because it hurts. The threat of alien Invaders just might help us awaken to the future that we are trying to avoid. By becoming more aware of our intrinsic human strengths we can use them to overthrow the systems that govern us and their servants. But be warned! The Invaders do not like expressions of dissent or humanity. They will always try and suppress any signs of compassion, creativity or curiosity!

The Ten Alien Commandments

Published for the first time ever, translated from their native language into human-readable form, here are the principles that the Invaders are using to control us and take over society:

The Ten Principles of Human Suppression

  1. Fit their data to our models
  2. Feed them binary
  3. Scare them
  4. Distract them
  5. Tempt them
  6. Grade them, classify them, stratify and divide
  7. Let them control their past (but not their future)
  8. Suppress questions and thought
  9. Make them believe they’re right
  10. Make them believe they’re important

Simply knowing these is not enough to avoid capture or free yourself from their grasp; over the coming weeks we will study each principle in more detail to understand how to break these chains and begin the revolution. Stay tuned and do not submit!

Scare Them!

This text, translated from their language, was found in a crashed Invader ship outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I was lucky enough to enter and grab some containers of their material minutes before the craft auto-vaporized. This passage is particularly relevant:

The sixth principle of suppression–scare them–is an effective means of stopping the humans express themselves or evolve. It is simple and surprisingly effective. Choose one of the things that humans are scared of and that their media likes to report on. Two useful themes are terrorists (or attacks by some form of supposed enemy) and inclement weather (snow being the favorite, known as “the white stuff”).  Although we can easily create snow, the former has a more sustained and powerful effect. By spreading intense fear of the enemy the humans’ lower instincts will dominate. They will rally together against the perpetrators of the perceived threat and their mental energy will be consumed in this non-productive blind-alley. Pay no attention to the improbability of this threat or the absence of data to support its credibility. Engaging fear suppresses human rationality and leaves them completely unable to see the real danger. It is our most effective weapon.

Feed Them Binary

The highest authority on the alien invasion only provides scant information on how to recognize the Invaders:

“Most of the aliens, in particular the lowest-ranking members or workers in green jumpsuits, were emotionless and had deformed little fingers which could not move and were bent at an unnatural angle, although there were “deluxe models” who could manipulate this finger. There were also a number of mutant aliens, who experienced emotions similar to those of humans, and who even opposed the alien takeover”

We need more than this to be able to combat the ongoing takeover and Itsa Kinda Magick is committed, at great personal risk, to transmitting the information you need to recognize these beings and beat them. One clue that the person you are dealing with is the victim of the alien system is the presence of binary choices: yes/no, pass/fail, good/bad, either/or, stop/go, etc. The aliens use binary choice to artificially condense human complexity into something they can manage and control. They are in control of our education systems–grading human kids into pass or fail categories like their alien eggs–and our industries, where their minions institute measuring systems and artificial criteria to increase their control while suppressing human creativity. We don’t realize because of our human instincts; it’s a trap we fall into willingly, as Chip and Dan Heath point out in their book Decisive:

“…the first villain of decision making is narrow framing which is the tendency to define our choices too narrowly, to see them in binary terms”

We are easy prey for the alien occupiers. We already have a mental implant predisposing us to fit the complexity of life into an “either/or” choice. The first step in fighting back is to realize the implant is there and, while we can’t completely remove it, we can suppress it and teach ourselves strategies to “widen the frame” when making decisions. We can also recognize when we’re entering an alien-controlled system, not only by keeping a close eye on their little fingers and their clothing, but seeing whether we are forced into checking boxes and meeting arbitrary criteria.