The Ten Alien Commandments

Published for the first time ever, translated from their native language into human-readable form, here are the principles that the Invaders are using to control us and take over society:

The Ten Principles of Human Suppression

  1. Fit their data to our models
  2. Feed them binary
  3. Scare them
  4. Distract them
  5. Tempt them
  6. Grade them, classify them, stratify and divide
  7. Let them control their past (but not their future)
  8. Suppress questions and thought
  9. Make them believe they’re right
  10. Make them believe they’re important

Simply knowing these is not enough to avoid capture or free yourself from their grasp; over the coming weeks we will study each principle in more detail to understand how to break these chains and begin the revolution. Stay tuned and do not submit!

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